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D-Day 2012!

This year’s three-day edition of the festival will be just as dynamic, action-packed, energetic, and engaged as the previous ones. From 15-17 June, we will once again occupy the space of Stara Klaonica in Heinzelova Street. The extensive regional exhibition of authors of up to 35 years of age is still in the focus of our attention. The nonprofit D-Day fair will thus include the best works from all areas of design: introduce yourself to other colleagues, the public, future partners and commissioners, and last but not least, to each other! D-Day is all about independent and joint productions, the communicative aspects of presenting one’s own works, full-blooded implemented projects, as well as ideas that need support. Last year, we initiated D-Market – you liked it – expect to see it this year, as well! Once more, we bring you lectures from foreign designers and design theoreticians, and renew and expand our relationship with other similar regional initiatives, universities and organizations. You can also expect many accompanying exhibitions, movie projections, presentation marathon, and of course, lots and lots of fun. Participate!