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Why D-Day?

Because we want to see what you do, how you do it and with whom! And because we know we’re not the only ones. We think productions by young designers must have a wider visibility, that many promising ideas undeservingly end up unused, that these ideas must be available for all to see; to praise, to scrutinize, to further usages, but primarily – to other people, present and future friends, associates and partners. D-Day is a place of meeting and joint cooperation, networking, lively discussions, informal company, shared work, and exchanging experiences. It is a place where you and your projects come face to face with reality, where no one utters the words – this is impossible, it cannot be done – because you yourself will prove it can. Whatever you do, you’ll be doing it together with your classmates, colleagues from other countries of the region, people with whom you share an interest for design and for the world which is shaped, changed, improved, and made different and more interesting by design.

From its first edition in 2010, D-Day has tried to stress and present the power and potential of young designers, those who are currently in school or have graduated, as well as those who are on the scene and those who are yet to become a part of it, but only if they are under 35 years of age. We are also interested in students’ projects created within faculty programs, stimulating independent productions and the strategy of self-presentation. We want to know how you communicate with partners, clients, the culture scene, and the industry. We are interested in developing projects that can both entice the competitiveness of our region’s economy and advance the society in which we live. Our aim is to strengthen the cooperation between authors, institutions, designer initiatives and industry, entrepreneurship and crafts partners from the region and its wider area.

Participate in D-Day!

We are looking for works that have already been carried out or those that have been specially designed for D-Day, commissioned works or self-initiated ones, mentored works or independent projects from all areas of design – product design, visual communications, fashion design, concepts, etc. – anything you think represents you in the best possible light!

Applications for participating in D-Day 2012 shall be accepted until Tuesday, 8 May 2012, at the latest.

All interested exhibitors can apply by submitting an on-line registration which, apart from general information about the author(s), has to include several reference works and a basic concept of the D-Day presentation. Students are allowed to exhibit works created as part of their educational programs; however, all such works must stipulate information about the mentorship (i.e. the presentation should be in accordance with the specific rules of the academic institution, if such rules have been proscribed).

Before filling out the registration form please prepare the following:

  • A personal photograph (.jpg, width 1000px)
  • A portfolio which will help us learn more about you as an author (a selection of up to 5 reference works, not necessarily including works you plan to exhibit at D-Day – photos and a description; .pdf document no larger than 6 megabytes)
  • A brief textual description of the exhibition concept (900 characters)
  • Visualizations of the exhibition concepts which are intended to show us how you plan to present yourself at D-Day (renders, sketches, photographs, etc.; .pdf document no larger than 6 megabytes)

Applications will be accepted until 8 May 2012, and the final list of exhibitors will be published by 14 May 2012. Due to the limited number of exhibitors (100 max.), the organizers shall establish a preliminary selection on the grounds of the quality of all submitted works.

Terms and Conditions of Exhibiting at D-Day

Only students and designers from SE Europe (up to 35 years of age) may take part at the main fair for young authors (if a work is designed by a group of authors, the criterion is the total age average, which has to be 35 or less). The arrangement of exhibition spaces will be determined by the Organizer in agreement with the exhibiting authors. All exhibitors must follow rules set by the Organizer. Special demands regarding exhibits (electricity, assistance in installing the exhibit, etc.) must be stated in the application. All installments are conducted exclusively by the Organizer.

This year, the duration of the festival has been extended. A new feature will be “Working D-Day” (Friday, 15 June), which will include a special program for entrepreneurs, crafts and companies (education, presentations of successful projects, organized tours of the exhibition, discussions with the designers-exhibitors) with an aim to bring them closer to young authors. The purpose of “Working D-Day” is to entice a productive interaction between exhibitors, guests of the festival, the audience and entrepreneurs, crafts, manufacturers. That is why “Working D-Day” shall for the first time ever include a one-day co-working session.

Authors may begin decorating their spaces 2 days prior to the start of D-Day and are obligated to finish their preparations by Friday, 15 June at 9 am. Exhibit spaces may be dismantled once D-Day ends, i.e. Sunday, 17 June at 6 pm. If an exhibit space is not dismantled by Monday, 18 June at 12 pm, the Organizer will not be held responsible for the exhibit or its components. In case there is justified reason due to which an exhibitor cannot conform to these rules, they are obliged to inform the Organizer about such reasons before the beginning of D-Day. The Organizer will provide exhibitors with free exhibition cards / accreditation. All exhibitors must pick up their accreditations at the Organizer’s info-desk.

The exhibitor or a representative of the exhibitor shall be present at the exhibition space for the entire duration of the fair. The Organizer is not responsible for any damage done to the exhibits.

All exhibitors must prepare a brief presentation of their work (approx. 5 minutes). The presentation must be prepared in accordance with the instructions given to all exhibitors and delivered by 11 June 2012 via email – Exhibitors must also provide a detailed technical description of their exhibit spaces by 1 June 2012.

Additional instructions for exhibitors

Each exhibitor will be given a free-of-charge exhibition space of approx. 6 square meters (3 x 2 m). The Organizer reserves the right to change the proportions of the abovementioned space. Precise info about the layout, assigned space, and the elements used for exhibiting shall be delivered to the exhibitors by 15 May. Since the main D-Day exhibition, D-Fair, shall be held within the same space as in 2011, we advise the exhibitors to take into consideration that physical changes to the very space of Stara Klaonica are not permitted (drilling, mounting, etc.) and that they must share both sides of their “stands”/exhibiting units with neighboring exhibitors. The layout designers shall try to design and carry out optimal conditions for exhibiting.

Each exhibitor shall have at their disposal:

  • Modular or standardized layout elements
  • Technical and operational assistance during the installment (within the organizer’s capabilities)
  • Electricity (prior notice required)

The concept and manner of presenting works are unrestrained. All exhibitors whose participation has been confirmed must by 1 June prepare (and deliver) a technical description of their exhibiting space, as well as a list of all necessary equipment to be supplied by the Organizer via email: